Klarna Merchant Onboarding UI

Merchant Foundations

At Klarna, I was the lead designer for 2 Merchant-facing teams.

Merchant Onboarding

In the Merchant Onboarding team, I redesigned the Merchant Onboarding Flow with a focus on identifying and eliminating drop-off points. This generated a 30% increase in completed signups. I was part of the task force that adapted the self-onboarding process to the US, a critical step of Klarna's entry into that market.

Merchant Tooling

As part of the Merchant Tooling team, I was a key participant in the product development of Klarna's internal tool for Merchant Support Teams. I led research with internal users and facilitated workshops with key stakeholders and other teams. I led a UX revamp of the tool that resulted in increased internal usage.

(Due to the confidential nature of this work, it can't be shown here)