I'm a Senior Product Designer currently living and working in Berlin, Germany.

I started my career as a graphic designer over 10 years ago and have been working exclusively as a digital product designer since 2013. I've worked in different industries – fintech, fashion, social media, and most recently performance feedback, in companies with sizes ranging from 30 to 13,000.

I'm a designer with a wide-ranging skillset, that can contribute to all stages of the product development process. From product discovery, unveiling user needs through interviews and workshops, to concept definition, designing and validating user flows through testing, all the way to delivering high-fidelity UI mocks and prototypes.

Collaboration is at the center of my work. I don't believe in lone wolves or unicorns, and would rather be part of a team that fosters cooperation between its members through an open feedback culture. I believe great ideas come from talking to each other and building on people's multiple viewpoints and ideas.

Some of the companies that I worked for in the last few years include Small Improvements, Zalando, Hubrick and Fivory. For detailed work history information, check out LinkedIn or download a PDF CV.

I'm currently open for new opportunities starting in Q3 2020. Get in touch at gabrielhl(at)gmail.com